Collagen Seafood Hotpot

Hotpot is alway a favourite during Chinese New Year in a lot of homes. This year we present you our Collagen Seafood Hotpot! Collagen is known for its health benefits. It boosts your health it terms of strengthening teeth and nails, helps detox, reduces stretch marks and cellulite, increases metabolism, repairs joints, improves the health of your gut and improves hair growth and texture. Lastly, collagen is the ultimate boost for youthful skin!
With all these benefits why not go the whole nine yards to boil a pot of collagen stock for this coming Chinese New Year. Its inexpensive to buy bones and carcasses to cook it. We got our seafood pack from Zairyo, who supply fresh ingredients supplied to restaurants at a fair price! The freshness and sweetness of the seafood enriches the collagen rich soup. The perfect indulgent decadent CNY meal!!!
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Adjust Servings
1kg Alaskan King Crab Legs
1kg Tiger Prawns
1kg Hokkaido Sashimi-grade Scallops (good for sashimi, steamboats and BBQ)
1fillet Sashimi-grade Salmon (good for sashimi, steamboats and BBQ)
3packs Abura Age (a.k.a Tau Pok, from Japan)
1Chinese cabbage
200g Shiitake mushrooms
200g Enoki mushrooms
Collagen Stock:
5large pork bones
600g soft bone ribs (or jelly bone)
500g chicken feet
6chicken carcass
8litres water
2tsp salt (or to taste)



Blanch 5 large pork bones, 600g soft bone ribs (or jelly bone), 500g chicken feet and 6 chicken carcass for 5 minutes
Mark as complete

Remove and clean the bones with water to remove scum
Mark as complete

Place bones in 8 liter of water
Mark as complete

Bring to boil and reduce to a simmer for 5 hours. Cover, once a while, scoop and remove floating scum. This will ensure a clear milky broth
Mark as complete

After 5 hours, boil on high for 2 hours uncovered
Mark as complete

Remove the bones, and strain into a container
Mark as complete

This will yield approximately 2 liter of milky rich collagen stock
Mark as complete

Once it’s cold, place in the fridge overnight
Mark as complete

Spoon the ‘jello like’ collagen stock into a pot. Bring the heat up, melt and bring the stock to boil
Mark as complete

Once it comes to a boil, add assorted seafood and your favourite vegetables
Mark as complete

Simmer and enjoy!
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