Herbal Sea Bass – 药材鲈鱼

A super simple dish that busy families can cook under 30 minutes, this herbal Sea Bass recipe has just 5 (yes, five!) steps that has a delicate taste and a has beneficial properties like improving blood circulation and dispelling wind too! All you need for the sauce is water, rice wine, dang gui, chuan xiong […]


BBQ Crayfish with Cilicuka – 烤虾婆

Crayfish has a reputation of being the poor man’s lobster. Personally, we think crayfish is as delicious as its lobster cousin and definitely more wallet-friendly. To start this, we doused the crayfish with Cilicuka chilli sauce from Shermay’s fine foods along with some spicy notes. And of course, a squeeze of lime juice to give it a zesty kick!


Sambal Prawns – 叁巴虾

Simple and takes less than 20 minutes to cook, we prefer the use of freshly made sambal and large tiger prawns as the sweetness of the prawns balances out the spiciness of the sambal when cooked inside.

Also, we tried our the new NATURamic skillet wok from WMF – It heats up really fast and has a scratch proof surface that’s perfect for stir fry dishes, so if you’re looking for a daily wok then this is for you!


Stir Fried Lala – 蒜炒啦啦

Guys this is a super simple , yet really satisfying recipe that you can complete in 10 minutes! 10 minutes? Yes we kid you not! Get your clams (lala) stir-fried with ginger, garlic, and chili padi, and finish it off with that splash of hua tiao wine on a hot wok!


Lobster Roll

When it comes to looking lobsters, the live ones make a world of difference! We chose to create our own lobster roll this time. It’s a super simple recipe that brings out the sweetness of your key ingredient, the lobster.


Crab Tang Hoon – 螃蟹冬粉

Crab Tang Hoon is a wildly popular zichar dish in Singapore. All you need is some confidence and everyone can whip up this luxuriously delicious dish in the comfort of your homes!


Prawn fritters with Vitagen Mustard Honey Dip

Talk about simple yet delicious party food. This satisfying snack can be made using in under 30 minutes with less than five ingredients! Everyone loves crunchy prawns coated in a crispy outer crust. This time round, instead of dunking the prawn fritters in typical calorie-laden mayonnaise, we made a healthier dip using MARIGOLD Non Fat […]


Drunken Herbal Prawns – 药材醉虾

Drunken herbal prawns is another easy-to-make dish that require minimal ingredients to get right, but it is very important to get fresh prawns. Many people swear by using live prawns so that they can get them ‘drunk’ before cooking them, but honestly as long as they are fresh they will do! The key to making […]