Cantonese Roast Duck – 粤式烧鸭

Who doesn’t love a good roast duck with charred crispy skin and juicy meat? Many of us think that roast duck can’t be made at home. That’s what we want to demystify! Anyone can make this dish as long as the duck can fit in your oven! The crucial step is to make sure the skin is aired dry enough before the actual roasting process.

The advantage of roasting a duck versus, let’s say a chicken is that the ducks are fattier and its fats will begin to soften and melt during the roasting process, giving it a gamey and alluring aroma.

Go ahead and try roasting a duck this CNY. Guaranteed to amaze your family!

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  • Servings: 6

  • Time: 50 min

  • Skill: Intermediate


  1. 1 large duck

  2. Dry rub

  3. 1 tbsp sichuan peppercorn

  4. 1 tbsp 5 spice powder

  5. 1 tbsp salt

  6. Marinade

  7. 2 tbsp light soy sauce

  8. 2 tbsp hua tiao wine

  9. 2 tbsp dark soy sauce

  10. 2 tbsp sugar

  11. 2 tbsp hoisin sauce

  12. 2 tbsp oil

  13. 1 tbsp minced garlic

  14. 1 tbsp minced ginger

  15. 2 star anise

  16. 5 stalks spring onion (cut into 6cm pieces)

  17. 1 tsp five spice powder

  18. Poaching liquid

  19. 3 litres water

  20. ¼ cup light soy sauce

  21. ¼ cup hua tiao wine

  22. ½ cup rice vinegar

  23. ½ cup honey


  1. Add 1 tbsp sichuan peppercorn,

  2. 1 tbsp 5 spice powder,

  3. and 1 tbsp salt in blender

  4. Sprinkle and massage dry rub mixture all over 1 large duck

  5. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours

  6. In a bowl add 2 tbsp light soy sauce, 2 tbsp hua tiao wine, 2 tbsp dark soy sauce, 2 tbsp sugar and 2 tbsp hoisin sauce

  7. Mix well and set aside

  8. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan

  9. add 1 tbsp minced garlic,

  10. 1 tbsp minced ginger,

  11. and 2 star anise (break into smaller pieces)

  12. Stir fry until fragrant

  13. Add 5 stalks spring onion (cut into 6cm pieces)

  14. Add liquid mixture from before

  15. Bring to boil and add 1 tsp five spice powder

  16. Mix well and set aside for it to cool down

  17. Add marinade into the cavity of the duck

  18. Seal it with a bamboo stick by stitching the opening

  19. In a pot with 3 litres water,

  20. Add ¼ cup light soy sauce, ½ cup rice vinegar, ¼ cup hua siao wine and ½ cup honey

  21. Mix well and bring to boil

  22. Poach the skin of the duck with the boiling liquid

  23. Repeat 2-3 times until the skin tightens

  24. Pat dry duck with paper towels

  25. Hang the duck to air dry for 4-6 hours

  26. Roast the duck breast side up in a 200 °C oven for 50 mins

  27. Turn the duck over at the 25 min point.

  28. Once done, turn the duck back to breast side up

  29. Roast for another 10 mins or until the duck is evenly browned

  30. Let duck rest for 30-45 mins

  31. Remove bamboo stick

  32. Make a cut in the center of the duck till half way through

  33. Drain the sauce inside the cavity and set aside

  34. Cut the duck into serving portions

  35. Add sauce over duck before serving.