Chee Cheung Fun – 猪肠粉

We tried out making Chee Cheung Fun based on a Hong Kong styled recipe!

The ingredients are simple but the tricky parts are the precise cooking timings and the method of folding the rice noodle rolls.

Potato Bacon Bombs


Totally one of those things that while eating them, you keep telling yourself its so wrong yet you can’t seem to stop!

Lu Rou Fan – 滷肉飯

Our Lu Rou look more like Kong Ba vs the ones we saw in Taiwan, this is our approach for a more sinful bowl of happiness with lots of extra collagen from the pork rinds we added.

Beer Roasted Pork Knuckles

Alright Guys it’s TGIF! Here’s the video recipe we created for Oktoberfest – Beer Roasted Pork Knuckles. Try it out, have an awesome Oktoberfest weekend, and drink up!!!